The Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution

The Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution is a registered charity covering the whole of the UK and is funded, in the main, by income generated from the fund's capital. 

We are one of the largest independent grant-giving organisations helping those families who have lost a seafaring parent.  The Institution supports families by providing grants for the children throughout their education.

There is no automatic entitlement to our help, as grants are discretionary and depend on our having sufficient funds available. 

The Fund’s eligibility criteria are set and regularly reviewed by our Board of Trustees.

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Supporting Family & Children of Seafarers since 1869”

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The published landline number is temporarily being disrupted due to office relocation. The email is working normally but if necessary contact can be made by either calling or texting the new mobile number

Tel/fax:  0151 227 3417

Mobile:   07831 204121.    


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